The Best Crypto YouTube Channels

Watching YouTube is one of my favorite ways to learn about crypto and to stay on top of the latest crypto-related news. As with podcasts, YouTube is also free, which is amazing.

Here are, in my opinion, a list of the best crypto channels to subscribe to on YouTube.

Digital Asset News

Daily recap of the latest crypto news.

Subscribers: 300k+

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Alessia Rastani

Educational videos about crypto price movements and predictions based on technical analysis and contrarian indicators.

Subscribers: 350k+

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Multiple long-format videos published every week. This show is also suitable as a podcast. Every friday they release a recap of the latest week’s news in crypto. Ethereum focused content.

Subscribers: 120k+

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Ledger Status

Two crypto traders discussing crypto price charts.

Subscribers: 10k+

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These guys upload long one hour plus videos every week. Content includes things like long form interviews with some of the most prominent crypto people.

Subscribers: 40k+

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