The Best Crypto Blogs of 2021

Crypto is new and exciting. For most of us, there is still a lot to learn. Reading blogs is a great way to stay on top of what is happening, and also for learning the basics.

Many of the big players in the space do have blogs, and here are some of the best and most popular ones.

List of the Best Crypto Blogs:

  • DappRadar – Blog by one of the largest crypto websites.
  • – Blog by one of the largest crypto websites.
  • SuperRare – Blog with NFT art focus.
  • IBM Blockchain Blog – Crypto blog from one of the most serious companies in the US.
  • CoinGecko – Blog form one of the most poular cryto price list sites.
  • Kraken – Blog by one of the largest crypto exchanges.
  • Foundation – Blog with NFT art focus.
  • Oracle Blockchain Blog – Crypto blog from one of the most serious companies in the US.
  • Liquid Blog – Great blog by one of the top crypto exchanges.

Read on for information about each.

DappRadar Blog

DappRadar blog

DappRadar is a top crypto website that creates ranked lists of Dapps. Their blog features topics such as DeFi and Games. You’ll find several posts about Metaverses, NFTs, and more here. Blog blog

This blog is often updated with new blog posts multiple times a day.

The blog features information regarding updates to the products, news about the company, and more.

SuperRare Blog

SuperRare blog

SuperRare is a very popular online marketplace for NFTs. Their blog is published on Medium and features weekly roundups of what’s happening in the crypto space related to art and their website.

You should also check out the SuperRare Editorial, which is similar to a blog. It features interviews and news from the crypto art scene.

IBM Blockchain Blog

IBM Blockchain Blog

The legacy behemoth, IBM has a serious blog about crypto. Topics include blockchain development, blockchain for government, blockchain for trade finance, blockchain identity, and blockchain in financial services, food safety, and healthcare.

CoinGecko Blog

CoinGecko blog

CoinGecko is one of the most popular cryptocurrency price list sites. The site also features lots of other cool things like a list of the top Defi coins by market capitalization, futures prices, and much more.

Besides the blog, CoinGecko also publishes a podcast, a newsletter, and crypto reports.

Unfortunately, it looks like this blog is not updated that often.

Kraken Blog

Kraken blog

Kraken is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges online. The Kraken blog features information about new coins that can be traded on their exchange, in addition to educational posts and more.

Look for the “Crypto 101” category to find the educational posts.

Foundation Blog

Foundation blog

Foundation is an online art auctioning website. And naturally, their blog is about art and crypto. You’ll find posts with artists interviewing each other, lots of regular interviews, guest posts, and more here.

Oracle Blockchain Blog

Oracle Blockchain Blog

Oracle is another tech behemoth with a blog dedicated to the blockchain. Here you will find post topics like technical tips and use cases for blockchain. In addition to posts about announcements and events.

Liquid Blog

The blog of the popular crypto exchange, Liquid, is updated often. You’ll find blog posts regarding how to use their exchange in addition to lots of general information about crypto.

Some of the latest posts are ‘Decentralized exchanges explained’, ‘How Blockchain could redefine the gaming industry’, and ‘New listing: Dogecoin (DOGE)’.

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