Crypto Loans – The Best Places to Borrow

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. It is educational and marketing content. Interest rates and other loan terms might not be accurate. Do your own research before borrowing.
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I’ve just finshed writing an article about the best options for earning interest on your crypto holdings. In this article I will share my best tips for those that take the other side of that loan, those who want to borrow with crypto as collateral.

List of the best cryto backed loans:

  • Celsius – Borrow a handful of stablecoins. From 1% APY.
  • YouHodler – Short term loans. Up to 180 days and 90% LTV.
  • CoinLoan – Loans starting at 4.95% interest rate. Up to 70% LTV.
  • BlockFi – Popular option. Loans starting at 4.5% interest rate.
  • – 8% interest rate. Up to 50% LTV.


With Celsius you can borrow USD stablecoins and pay from just 1% APY. To get the lowest interest rate, you need to have high collateral. The lowest rate applies to loans with a 25% LTV (Loan to Value) ratio.

For loans with 33% and 50% LTV ratios the interest rate is 6.95% and 8.95% at the time of writing this.

Celsius lets you use over 40 crypto assets as collateral.


YouHodler is another great option for crypto loans. Unfortuately, they do not allow US persons to use their services at the time of writing this.

They offer short term loans of either 30, 60, or 180 days.

Once you’ve confirmed your identity, you can borrow instantly with YouHodler. YouHodler also offers great interest rates on deposits.


CoinLoan is a great looking lending and borrowing site. They are not the most popular option though, according to its Alexa website traffic statistics. Still, it looks very legit.

You can use CoinLoan to borrow EUR, GBP, and cryptocurrencies backed by your cryptocurrency holdings. They offer loans with 20%, 35%, 50%, and 70% LTV ratios for 1 to 36 months.

Interest rates start at 4.95% and there is a €10 origination fee on all loans.


BlockFi is one of the most popular crypto-backed loan providers.

They don’t share much information about their loans on their websites. You need to sign up for an account to see loan terms. offers crypto-backed loans. It doesn’t seem like this loan has a lot of options. It seems to be a flat 50% borrow to deposit ratio and an 8% APY.

It also looks like you need to have the app to borrow money via this platform.