Best Cryptos to Invest in for Me in 2021

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. It is educational and marketing content.

When I first started this website, the crypto market had just gone parabolic and from what I’ve learned that often means it will go down just as fast. And so it did. Ethereum and most other cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens lost about 50% – 60% in price over just like 10 days.

What I’ve not seen people speak so much about though is that just after bottoming, Ethereum went from about $1,900 to $2,900 in just 3 days. That is about a 50% increase in price. For active traders, there is obviously huge potential in markets like this.

I am glad I didn’t invest at the top. After the 50% drop, however, I feel more confident investing some of my money into this space.

What I am looking for when investing in crypto is something that has high potential. DeFi projects and DeFi tokens are what have me the most interested. I am looking for something that I feel has a higher price moving potential to the upside than the coins everyone is familiar with already.

If I were looking for less risky investments I think I would invest in a few of the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. Then I would just sit on those investments for a few years.

Considering that the size of my portfolio is only about $6,000 and that I am not investing anything I can’t afford to lose, I am looking for more risky things. Ideally, I am hoping for about a 30x return on most of these investments.

My Crypto Investments in 2021

Alright so let’s get into it. These are the investments I’ve already put money into or are considering doing so with soon.

My current crypto investments:

My potential crypto investments:

My closed crypto investments:

  • None yet…

Harvest Finance token investment

This project was my first DeFi investment. Harvest Finance helps yield farming crypto by farming together with other people to avoid high fees.


The Harvest Finance token got me really excited. I could stake $FARM and get ~50% APY. The $FARM token gets 30% of the yield the other pools generate and the $FARM rewards are bought off the market, increasing demand for the token, and hopefully the price for those who decide not to sell it. Besides saving gas fees, Harvest Finance also claims to farm the highest yields using the latest farming techniques.

Read more on: CoinGecko.


One thing has me a little worried about this investment though. When layer 2 rollups like Arbitrum become available, there might not be the same need for a farming collective. I’ve heard that gas fees might be lowered by 90% or more on layer 2.

I plan to exit this position soon and allocate into other projects.

Attrace token investment

I first heard about Attrace in this interview on YouTube. It immediately caught my interest as something that could become a really valuable DeFi project. Attrace is a web 3.0 affiliate network that claims to be the world’s first trustless affiliate network.

The world’s assets are becoming tokenized on public blockchains. Attrace is aiming to become a referral standard for any tokenized asset on any blockchain in a tokenized economy.

Attrace website

As I have been working with online affiliate marketing now for over 10 years, this project has me really excited. I believe it can be a big player in the crypto-space in the future. As more and more tokenized assets are created and metaverses and games create NFTs, having a decentralized affiliate network that basically lets anyone promote anything on any blockchain can be really useful.


The biggest risk I see with a project like this, which is the same for most of the DeFi space, is the risk of regulation by the governments. On one hand I think it makes perfect sense that the advertiser doesn’t have to be responsible for the actions of the affiliate. Right now though, many advertisers are ‘micro managing’ affiliates to make sure its ads are within the current rules.

To take away this possibility, as I understand this project will do, would require both parties to be resonsible for their own actions.

The way I see it, risks like these create opportunity, and as my investment strategy is to find low priced tokens and coins with high potential and high risk as well, Attrace fits the bill for me perfectly.


The $ATTR token was just launched in late June of 2021. It is a utility token, a governance token, and a staking token, all at once.

Read more about it on: Coingecko, official website. token investment

This is another project that might not have me a bit excited. I first heard about it in this interview on YouTube. In this video, the host goes over the impressive resumes of the people involved in this project. Their prior experiences and successes, especially of the CEO, are what give me a strong faith in the success of

I don’t think aims to become decentralized or anything like that. I think it is more of a traditional company that wants to utilize blockchain technology to power advertising of the web 3.0.

The business model is really cool though. basically is a platform for asking internet users for consent to gather their data to serve them targeted ads, and pay them for it.

By having users consent to see ads I think the ads will be much more effective. There is no longer a fight between the users and the advertisers, they are allying.


The token for this project is $ASK. It is a utility token that will be used by advertisers to buy ads. It will also be rewarded to users for their data. If this project is successful I see the value of this token going up by a lot as advertisers are looking to serve ads to these users.

Read more on: CoinGecko.


Attracting a large user base in the shortest time possible is critical for the success of Permission given the protocol features a two-sided marketplace of users and advertisers.

Official pdf

As the company says themselves, the highest risk for this project and the value of this token is probably adoption. If they become a hit amongst users and people actually want to sell their data for more relevant ads this can succeed. If not, this might just be an expensive experiment.

More Investments to Come

I plan on trying to learn more about crypto and DeFi, in particular, to hopefully find more projects that excite me and I see great potential in.

I will update this article when I do learn more.