The Best Crypto Metaverses

I am super facinated by the new metaverses that are being built and the possibilities they might bring for both work and leisure. Being an old MMO gamer I cant wait to finally being able to fully own my digital goods that I spend hours farming and hustling for.

The lines between what would classify as a metaverse and what would just classify as a crypto game is a bit blurry so you might not agree with the ones I’ve added here. To me, a crypto game with a big open world and many gameplay possibilities is a metaverse. I am writing another blog post about the best crypto games.

This blog post is where I will list all of the metaverses that I see as the best ones.

List of the best metaverses:

  • The Sandbox
  • Decentraland

The Sandbox – A Metaverse for Both Creators and Players

The Sandbox

The Sandbox looks like the popular traditional Minecraft game. But it has way more features and it incorporates crypto. Currently, The Sandbox is in alpha stage. This means that is still in development and only open for testers that can dish out the money to get an alpha pass.

The Sandbox has its own cryptocurrency called SAND. This is a top 50 crypto with a market cap of close to 3 billion at the time of writing this. It ranks above famous cryptos like Tezos, Decentraland, and Monero. So this crypto and this Metaverse as already seen a lot of hype and many early token investors.

If you visit the official websites of The Sandbox, you can check out the NFT marketplace and the map. The map shows that all the land is already sold out but some parcels are available on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

They’ve also already released software that anyone can use to start creating NFTs with voxels and software for creating custom games.

Decentraland – A Virtual World Owned by Its Players


Decentraland doesn’t claim to be a metaverse. Instead, it is branded as a virtual world owned by its players. To me that sounds like a metaverse, so I decided to include it in this list.

The Decentralanad cryptocurrency is called MANA and it has a marketcap of about the same as SAND of just under 3 billion.

To get started in Decentraland takes just a few minutes as you can join the world instantly, straight from your browser.

At first, the graphics looked a bit blurry but through the settings I could increase the graphical quality to allow for a 4K resolution that looks pretty good on my monitor. I am very impressed how long the browser game technology since I last tried it years ago.

The graphics are not amazing though and the world is loading in pretty slowly as you move around. Buildings will appear to be popping up as you get close to them.

The starting area in Decentraland is home to lots of NPCs that tell you about this universe and its possibilities.

Most of the content in Decentraland is created by the community. There are an SDK tool you can use for coding advanced content and then there are an easier to use drag-and-drop tool available for non-coders.

More Metaverses

I expect to add more metaverses to this post as they are released from development.