The Best Digital NFT Art Marketplaces

NFTs has gotten a lot of media attention recently with the sale of the 69 million digital art sold at a Christie’s auction.

You’ll find millions of more resonably priced items for sale online at the best marketplaces for NFTs as well.

List of NFT art marketplaces:

  • SuperRare – Popular art marketplace.
  • Rarible – Large online marketplace for art and other NFTs.
  • OpenSea – The largest marketplace overall for NFTs.
  • – Online auctions and NFT art focus.



Visit SuperRare is a super popular online marketplace for NFT art.

In contrast to OpenSea (below), SuperRare does curate the content on their marketplace, so it is much easier to find impressive art pieces here.

SuperRare also has a blog. It features weekly updates.



Visit Rarible

This site is just a little less popular than OpenSea according to the website traffic statistcs by Alexa. While OpenSea is a white website, Rarible uses a black backgorund. So if oyu prefer darker websites, this might be your best options for browsing NFTs for sale online.

I can’t tell how many auctions are going on at the site, as they don’t display that number.

Anyways, Art is the first category listed on their menu followed by Photography, Games, and Metaverses.



Visit OpenSea

This site is hugely popular according to its website traffic statistics. At the time of writing this, there are over 14.7 million items for sale at OpenSea.

The selection includes over 1.3 million art items, 7.4 million trading cards, 3.5 million collectibles, and more.

There seems to be no curation at this site though. Many of the most expensive art items here looks to be painted in a computer drawing program in 5 minutes. Those “artists” are probably just hoping for a jackpot if someone misclicks and purchases the art by mistake. Or they just want some attention by having the most expensive items listed at the site.

OpenSea has an active blog you could check out for some more NFT content. It features usuful content like an NFT bible with “everything you need to know about NFTs”


Foundation is another very popular NFT marketplace for digital art. It is an auctioning platform.

You will also find a very active blog here with content related to NFT art.