Most Hyped NFT Collectibles of 2021

There has been a real surge in interest over NFTs in 2021 with NFT art pieces selling for millions and big brands coming out with NFT collectibles.

I will try to keep this article updated with the most recent and most anticipated NFT collectibles you can buy online.

List of NFT collectibles:

Read on for information about each.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot

Visit NBA Top Shot

This is probably the most famous NFT collectibles so far in 2021. Being that it is official NBA collectibles this comes as no surprise.

These NFTs are a modern twist on the traditional sports card collectibles. They come with video clips and some information about the game.

There even is an official marketplace on their website where you can buy and sell these digital cards.



Visit VeeFriends

Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) is a hugely popular influencer online. And he is passionate about NFTs.

His new NFT collectibles called VeeFriends are not just collectibles drawn by the man himself. They also carry cool privileges like the right to have a yearly lunch with Gary, admission to VeeCon, and more.

This is a very thought through project, and Gary has promised to take care of it for the rest of his life. Let’s hope he lives long and stong, and can fulfill his promise for these NFTs.

Check out his YouTube video with more information.

More to come

I am sure there will be additional exciting NFT collectible releases in 2021. If that is the case we will update this article with information about those as well.