Where to Trade Crypto With the Highest Leverage

There are lots of different crypto instruments that you can trade online. This includes leveraged tokens without risk of liquidation, futures with high leverage, and CFDs with a bit of leverage.

Since we’re looking for the highest leverage ways to trade crypto, we will focus on futures.


I’ve written about lots of crypto trading sites and, to my knowledge, Stormgain is where you can trade with the highest leverage. They do not offer a wide range of crypto trading instruments, just futures.

Bitcoin leverage: Up to 300x

Ethereum leverage: Up to 200x


OKEx is one of the most popular crypto exchanges and trading sites. They allow for incredbly high leverage on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most of the other cryptos you can trade here are available to trade with up to 75x leverage which is also very high.

Bitcoin leverage: Up to 125x

Ethereum leverage: Up to 125x


Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange and trading site. They offer leveraged tokens with ~2x to ~3x leverage and no risk of liquidation. If you want high leverage though, look for the futures. You can trade with up to 125x leverage on their perpetual futures.

Bitcoin leverage: Up to 125x

Ethereum leverage: Up to 100x

More Crypto Trading Sites

I have written about most of the top crypto trading sites, including what leverage they offer, over at Tradable Instruments. Check it out for many more great options.